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There are now a number of books and seminars that explain fracture assessment theoretically or in detail for selected damage cases. In practice, however, the cause of the breakage is seldom immediately clearly recognizable. In addition, relevant areas have often been destroyed by the fracture, which makes a clear assessment more difficult. The aim of this seminar is to determine the cause and outcome of fractures on real, e.g. T. damaged samples using SEM/EDX. The results are discussed intensively with experts.

The practical fracture assessment takes place on an FEI XL 30 scanning electron microscope with a Quantax 400 EDX system. It should be noted that in the mornings of the event, the most important characteristics of fractures will be theoretically presented. In the afternoon of the 1st day and on the 2nd day, all fractures are assessed live and in reality using the scanning electron microscope.

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Thomas Asam, Dipl.-Ing. Physik. Technik
Erich Pernstich, Dipl.-Ing. Werkstofftechnik
Martin Ellenrieder, Metallograph

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    Measurement uncertainty in spark spectrometry 15.- 16.11.2023Introduction to scanning electron microscopy 28.11.2023Fracture assessment on the SEM 29.- 30.11.2023

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