Identification check / material sorting:
Mobile RFA / PMI test

Do you need a qualitative and quantitative mix-up test / PMI test / material sorting or just a material determination?

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Mobile XRF Spectro xSort or similar

The chemical composition of materials can also be determined with a mobile X-ray fluorescence spectrometer or a mix-up test (PMI test) or material sorting can be carried out. The excitation takes place here with X-rays. Our employees all have the necessary qualifications and the necessary radiation protection training. This method works very well with heavy elements, with light elements only with sufficient sample preparation and measurement time. Carbon cannot be analyzed. In most cases, however, a statement can be made within a few seconds as to whether the metal to be analyzed corresponds to a target analysis or not.

A major advantage of the method is the light and compact design and the battery operation of the hand-held device. A power supply or analysis gases are not required. So was e.g. For example, analyzing a turbine blade in the heart of a hydroelectric power plant after entering through a manhole is not a major challenge. The analysis is completely non-destructive without damaging the surface (no focal spot or similar).

Of course, our Spectro xSort comes with a calibration certificate for the following matrices/subprograms:

Advantage of mobile XRF:

  • Fast and easy analysis
  • Absolutely non-destructive
  • No calibration / recalibration required by the customer

Disadvantage of mobile XRF:

  • Radiation protection certificate is required for the analysis
  • “Light” elements such as phosphorus and sulfur have very poor detection limits
  • Carbon cannot be analyzed

An alternative to mobile XRF is mobile spark spectral analysis.