We are very pleased that we were able to win our two colleagues Manuela Thoma and Sebastian Mirthes for training as fire protection assistants this year.

TAZ GmbH thus meets the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (ArbSchG), the accident prevention regulation DGUV regulation 1 and the technical rules for workplaces (ASR) in operational fire protection, according to which a sufficient number of employees must be appointed as fire protection assistants in every company. As part of their training, our two colleagues were able to acquire theoretical knowledge on the basics of fire protection, operational fire protection organization, the function and effectiveness of fire extinguishing equipment, the dangers caused by fire and the correct behavior in the event of a fire.

The crowning glory of the training was the practical fire-fighting exercise, in which the entire workforce of TAZ GmbH was allowed to take part. Here, the employees were provided with various types of fire extinguishers, with the help of which a simulated wastepaper basket fire and later a screen fire were to be extinguished. The aim of this exercise, to take away the employees’ “fear” of using fire extinguishing equipment and to learn how to use it safely, was definitely achieved. We look forward to refresher training in 3-5 years.