Identification check / material sorting:
Mobile spectral analysis / PMI test

Do you need a qualitative and quantitative mix-up test / PMI test / material sorting or just a material determination?

We are at your disposal for analyzes at any time. At your company or at our site, we are mobile for you!

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Mobile OES SpectroPort or similar

Mobile spectral analysis / mix-up check / material sorting / PMI test

The chemical composition is decisive for the physical, chemical and technological properties of a material. That is why a statement about the quantitative material composition is so important for technicians, structural engineers or engineers. Spark spectral analysis (optical emission spectroscopy OES) is one of the oldest physical methods for quickly determining the chemical composition of metals. In many applications, however, no material sample can be taken from the component for analysis. TAZ GmbH checks the chemical composition with mobile spectrometers on site and carries out a mix-up check or material sorting for you. In this way, we have already been able to serve our customers throughout Europe, e.g. B. with PMI tests (“Positive Material Identification”) of pump systems ready for acceptance, stage constructions in theaters or material sorting in the raw material warehouse. We have devices of the latest design available for the mobile tests.

Mobile OES: SpectroPort or similar

With our mobile spark spectrometers, we quantitatively check the chemical composition of your iron, aluminum and copper base materials on site. The light elements such as carbon, phosphorus or sulfur can also be determined without any problems. An analysis only takes a few seconds and leaves only a small focal spot, which can then easily be made invisible by light grinding, sandblasting or painting. Due to its compact design, the device can be used flexibly and easily transported from one analysis location to another. Only a 230V power connection is required for operation.

Our SpectroPort is of course equipped with an accredited calibration certificate for the following matrices/subprograms:

A mix-up check / material sorting is possible by means of spark spectral analysis or with an arc discharge

Spark spectral analysis:

Advantages of mobile spark spectral analysis:

  • All essential elements including carbon can be analyzed
  • An exact determination of the chemical composition is possible
  • Analysis results in less than a minute
  • PMI (Positive material identification) quickly possible with a “red-green” lamp

Disadvantages of mobile spark spectral analysis:

  • A spark spot with a diameter of approx. 15 mm remains on the surface. (Non-destructive analysis only possible with mobile XRF)
  • Pure argon required as operating gas
  • Metallic bare surface required (is freshly sanded by the TAZ service employee before the analysis)

Brc discharge:

Advantage of mobile spectral analysis in arc mode:

  • Fast material sorting within a few seconds
  • Easy to use
  • An assignment to individual batches / material sorting / mix-up check / PMI test is possible through comparative analyses
  • A mix-up check / material sorting / PMI test using arc discharge does not require analysis gas
  • If carried out accurately, batch sorting of elements with concentrations in the ppm range is possible.

Disadvantage of mobile spectral analysis in arc mode:

  • This is not a highly precise, qualitative determination of the chemical composition, but a material sorting based on comparable element contents or their concentration ranges
  • Small, brownish-black focal spot on the sample surface (non-destructive analysis only possible with mobile XRF)