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February 2023 – Scanning electron microscopy in theory and practice &
Fracture assessment on the SEM

At the beginning of 2023 we, as a small team, took part in this TAZ workshop. Previous coordination of contents for this tailormade workshop was extremely uncomplicated and accommodating. Both the theoretical and practical parts were very extensive and interesting. The function and operation of the scanning electron microscope was explained comprehensible and everyone could practice using it. There was also a theoretical introduction to fracture assessment with a subsequent exercise and a technical discussion. This was done on typical examples alongside example material used in our company. The workshop leader, Dr. Ulrike Corradi and Mr. Erich Pernstich were also able to offer a wide range of experience and competent specialist knowledge tackle tricky and spontaneous topics without any problems. Practical and specific questions were also included and answered very competently, so that we took a lot with us which we are able to implement directly.

Finally, we would like to thank you again for the very pleasant atmosphere during the workshop, the cordial cooperation with the TAZ team as well and last but not least, thank you for the very good food.

Adeline Philipps, Federal Mogul Burscheid GmbH

September 2022 – Measurement uncertainty of spark spectrometry in theory and practice

The content of the seminar is technically tailored to the needs of the course participants. The wishes and focal points of individuals are taken into account in the already lush range of topics, independent of the industry and manufacturer.

Thanks to the enormous professional competence of the lecturers and the welcoming atmosphere, it was also possible to get started with little prior knowledge. The group size enables targeted work and learning, as well as a pleasant exchange with the lecturers and other course participants, also during lunch and dinner together.

Many thanks to Mr. Asam, Ms. Corradi and Mr. Winter as well as everyone involved at TAZ GmbH!

Bianca Merkens, Institut für Materialprüfung Glörfeld GmbH

September 2022 – SEM fracture assessment in practice

In my experience, good specialist seminars are no longer a matter of course. In reality, the demand to work intensively in a small group is often opposed by large numbers of participants, dry theory from literature that is already known and examples that are far removed from practice. The TAZ seminar “Fracture assessment using the SEM in practice” proves the opposite and is refreshingly motivating!

The mixture of presentation and internships is so fluid and exciting that it’s really fun to work together, to discuss or to set up your own damage hypotheses. The seminar leaders Mr. Pernstich and Mr. Ellenrieder have managed to achieve real learning progress in a short time with their friendly manner and high level of expertise. Thank you also for the impeccable organization – from the booking to the hospitality to the individual seminar documents!

Hotel: Trip Inn Hotel
+ Distance to the venue only 4 km
+ incredibly friendly staff
+ clean
+ good breakfast [we were just unlucky with the breakfast time due to a large tour group].
+ fast processing [check-in/out] + free parking
o Hotel/furniture a bit old, but not shabby.
o due to the location within walking distance there are only a few opportunities for leisure activities; didn’t bother me at all [joint seminar dinner] = Conclusion: I’ll book again for my next visit.

Matthias Zech, Liebherr-Components Deggendorf GmbH

Workshop measurement uncertainty of spark spectrometry in theory and practice on September 21 and 22, 2022

“The workshop measurement uncertainty in spark spectrometry offers users of OES systems a deeper insight into the current requirements and process technologies.

The TAZ GmbH offers the opportunity to receive professional training and advice independently of the spark spectrometer manufacturers. During the seminar, all participants were picked up at their interests.

Differences in the previous knowledge of the participants were equaled through group or individual coaching. Clear recommendation for all OES users and QMB officers.

Mr. Asam and his team know exactly what they are doing and the working atmosphere feels like a big family.”

Martin Rehm, Franken Guss GmbH & Co. KG

July 2022 – Company training on the subject of spark spectrometry in theory and practice – tailored to the requirements of MMG

We have ordered a training course on the subject of spark spectroscopy from TAZ GmbH and are consistently very satisfied with what was shown and taught to us. From the beginning of the inquiry, Mr. Asam took excellent care of us and put together a training course that was fully tailored to our requirements. In addition to the theoretical part, samples were brought to the training especially for our purposes, with which practical experience was gained and comparative measurements were carried out.

A special highlight for us were the hints and solution approaches for the implementation of certain requirements in practice.
Many thanks Mr. Asam – you can be counted on!

Sebastian Böhlert, Mecklenburger Metallguss GmbH

April 2022 – Measurement uncertainty in spark spectrometry in theory and practice

I really liked the open approach, both professionally and personally. Theoretical basics as well as practice-oriented approaches were presented. In addition, physical and digital templates were provided with which everyone was able to calculate measurement uncertainties after practice on site. All participants went home after the seminar with a clear recommendation for action. We were also well looked after outside of the seminar. I recommend the seminar to anyone who deals with measurement uncertainties in spectrometry. Many thanks to the whole TAZ team for the great and helpful seminar.

Alexander Hoffmann, Otto-Fuchs KG

May 2019 – Measurement uncertainty in spark spectrometry in theory and practice

The seminar convinced us with the competence and high qualification of the lecturers, as well as with the noticeable desire to provide the participants with information and assistance. Some specific questions could also be discussed during the tour of the laboratory. The seminar content is practical and very easy to implement. Since then, we have adhered to the TAZ templates when calculating measurement uncertainty. The documents were given to us in both paper and digital form and are clear and easy to understand. Not to be forgotten is the optimal all-round care for the participants. Many thanks to the TAZ team!

Yuliya Hanesch, Materialprüfungsanstalt Uni Stuttgart

June 2021 – Fracture assessment on the SEM in practice

Top seminar! Super organized and implemented. In terms of content, the balanced mixture of theory and practice, as well as the immense specialist knowledge of the speakers, are particularly noteworthy.

Jonas Gerund, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Europe GmbH

August 2021 – Introduction to scanning electron microscopy in theory and practice as well as fracture assessment on the SEM in practice

I would like to thank Mr. Asam, Ms. Corradi, Mr. Pernstich and Mr. Ellenrieder for the pleasant and informative time of the seminar. I took a lot of useful tips for working with the scanning electron microscope with me.

What I particularly liked most:
– the seminar is conducted by very competent and experienced employees
– we received many useful tips regarding sample preparation, handling the SEM and the procedure for damage analysis
– the course participants not only received detailed information on the function and operation of the scanning electron microscope explained, but were allowed to work on it themselves
– according to the theory of fracture assessment, the participants were able to assess fractures themselves in very small groups. The results were then discussed professionally. So everyone got the opportunity to understand previously explained theory in practice.
– the fractures assessed are explained again in a detailed script – very good catering on each seminar day
– relaxed atmosphere and cooperation with the experts in small groups.

Daniela Gehrisch, Dipl.-Ing. Werkstofftechnik, MAF Materialanalytik Freiberg KG

June 2021 – Fracture assessment using the SEM in practice

In June 2021, I took part in the seminar “Fracture assessment using the SEM in practice”. It gives a very good overview of the appearance and the assessment of various fracture surfaces, including real samples from practice. This enables a good introduction to damage analysis. The speakers can draw on a wide range of experience and share it with the participants in an entertaining way. The small number of participants and the overall pleasant atmosphere at the TAZ also facilitate the exchange with the speakers and among the participants. The seminar was recommended to me and I can only recommend it.

Zuzana Tükör, KTM AG

October 2019 – Metallography in practice

In October 2019 we completed a seminar on metallography in practice at TAZ GmbH. This 2-day seminar was highly interesting, entertaining and extremely informative. The seminar leaders and the entire team at TAZ GmbH made a competent impression at all times. No question remained unanswered. The seminar was more than worth it…. With all the knowledge gained, there was never a shortage of fun in the seminar. From the seminar documents, to the family contact, to the flexible design of the learning content … 5 Stars

Ralf Westenberger und Daniel Disser, KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH
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