Finally the time has come!

The date for the inauguration of our new company building in combination with our
27th company anniversary is certain.

We would like to cordially invite you!

Immerse yourself in the world of materials analysis and visit our new home. Learn more about SEM, microscopy, metallography, spectral analysis, carrier gas hot extraction CS-ENT, GDOES and our accredited spark OES calibration laboratory.

We would like to look back on the last 27 years with you and introduce you to our new company headquarters and our range of services. Get a backstage look at TAZ GmbH and get to know us better.

Reserve this day for us and register now for our anniversary celebration!

Open day – program

10:00 AM: Welcoming our guests

Start a tour of our company and learn more about the following program items. Our team looks forward to seeing you and is at your disposal with practical examples, but also for the exchange of ideas and for active discussions.

From 10:30 a.m – program points: 

  • Introduction to scanning electron microscopy
  • Introduction to damage analysis in practice at the SEM
  • Optimization of measurement results in spark spectrometry and analysis of small and thin samples – practical examples of sample preparation and analysis
  • Introduction – Measurement uncertainties in spark spectrometry
  • DIN EN ISO 17025, 17034, 17043 – New requirements in laboratory operations and implementation of DIN EN ISO 17025 in an accredited test laboratory
  • New possibilities of quantitative GDOES depth profile analysis
  • Metallographic target preparation in practice
  • Practical sample preparation for the determination of H in titanium samples

For the physical well-being is of course taken care of all day long.

From 1.30 p.m. – program items:

  • Merging of ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 17025
  • Peak development in the XRF – possibilities with Peakaboo
  • Reference samples in spark spectrometry
  • Practical examples, details and experience in damage analysis on the REM from 40 years of work
  • Light microscopy and laser scanning microscopy Similarities and differences in practice
  • Accredited calibration laboratory for spark spectrometry – curse or blessing?
  • Mobile spark spectrometry – comparison of precision and accuracy with high-resolution devices

From around 5:00 p.m.: Good food & good conversations

This is how we would like to end the day with you.

Wir freuen uns auf Sie!