To support the existing TESCA VEGA 3 device, TAZ GmbH now has a second SEM (scanning electron microscope), a TESCAN VEGA 4.

The new Vega 4 corresponds to the latest generation of a tungsten filament device from TESCAN. Although this new device has a smaller chamber compared to our Vega 3, the new Vega 4 has a 4-quadrant semiconductor BSE in addition to an SE detector
Detector, so that more sensitivity is possible here in the image display.

The EDX system (energy-dispersive microanalysis) also comes from the same company for the first time. Conveniently, the EDX can now also be controlled via the same software that is also used for image acquisition. Point measurements, line scans and mappings are standard in the repertoire.

The new device was commissioned at the end of March. During a subsequent training session by TESCAN, the employees of TAZ GmbH were instructed intensively.

We are very pleased about the access to this new device, as it allows us to react even faster and more flexibly to your customer requests.

Material testing in quality control, fracture assessments, analyzes of fracture surface structures and material surfaces, particle analyses, investigations into material wear and possible contamination as well as layer thickness measurements are just a few application examples that we can offer you using scanning electron microscopy.

With our competence and many years of experience, we are always at your disposal for your analysis.