TAZ GmbH faces new sporting challenges again this year. We are very proud of the successful participation of four colleagues in the Augsburg Company Run 2022.

The highly motivated TEAM TAZ met once a week in advance for running training, always supported by the other colleagues. On June 2nd, the time had finally come and our runners were able to show what they’re made of. Since the run took place virtually, our team was able to start directly on the company premises and choose a worthwhile destination with a beer garden. It was also possible for a colleague who was on holiday in Norway to take part.

In the team ranking, TEAM TAZ achieved a magnificent 6th place in the group of mixed teams with a total time of 02:02:14 over the 4x 5.3 km. The colleagues have earned their isotonic drink afterwards.
We are already looking forward to participating in 2023!